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We from Balanced Lifestyle are dedicated to make your life easier by providing you with relevant content about healthy nutrition and workouts. Our job is to perform excellent research so you don’t fall for any false claims online and that’s exactly why you are here. Welcome!


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We create useful infographics that we include into our blog posts about healthy nutrition and workouts. Because they  sum up all the important notes about the concerning article they come in very handy. You can also find them separately on our infographics page!

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Because we are a team of two devoted enthusiasts, Balanced Lifestyle is able to weekly post an in-depth article about healthy nutrition and workouts. However, when something big comes up in the media concerning health we might cover that in the same week, so make sure to check out the blog!

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Who do we write these blogs for ?

At Balanced Lifestyle, our goal is to provide useful information to anybody who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re in school, working or if you’re an athlete. We cover all topics from beginner level to advanced methods, hoping that we can help you achieve your personal goals!

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A few general health facts.

In order to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it’s very important to pay attention on healthy nutrition and workouts. These few facts below show exactly why that is. 

Amount of all adults that were overweight in 2008.
Amount of people that do not get enough vitamin D.
Amount of all europeans that almost never work out.